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Mmm Mmm - Gotta Love That Pie Mold

Copyright 2006 Mike Patrick Jr, MD Pie mold. No, it's not the fuzzy stuff you find a week after Aunt Loretta sends you home with left-overs. Campers know what I'm talking about. Pie molds were all th........ Read More

Love Addiction, Approval Addiction

In my experience as a counselor for 40 years, I have found that love addiction and approval addiction are far more prevalent than any other substance or process addictions. We live in a love-addicted,........ Read More

Expressing Love With Ecards - Is It Effective?

Can love be effectively expressed with ecards? With many mediums available today, which medium should be our medium of choice in expressing our feelings. We have choice of sending a voice mail, sendin........ Read More

Locks Of Love

Prior to a year ago, I had hair that hung to the middle of my back. I loved it. Everyone else loved it. Then, one evening when I was flipping through the television stations, I happened to see some ........ Read More

Pet Lovers May Find That A Pet Business Is Right For Them

If you love cats, dog’s birds and more you may be interested in a pet business opportunity. There are several great options for pet lovers to incorporate their love for animals into a successful hom........ Read More

Does A Loved One Need Anger Management Counseling?

Have you ever blown your stack by over-responding to a situation? Maybe it would be easier to ask if you know someone who hasn’t. Virtually everyone has said something in anger that they wish they c........ Read More

Want Your Children To Love Books - Go See A Movie!

Reading a book from which a movie is made is almost always a richer experience than simply watching the movie. The experience of savoring the words on the page and allowing yourself to be taken on a j........ Read More

Men Love Equestrian Events

Loving the competition--this is presumably the very motto of men. They do enjoy any form of competition. The competition that they take too much interest in range from the simple basketball games wh........ Read More

Online Auctions – Lazy Fun For Those Who Love To Shop

For those who love to shop, online auctions offer hard to find items at bargain prices. For those who have something to sell, online auctions offer an economical and convenient way to advertise the me........ Read More

Tips To Get Your Love Life Back Into Shape

We have all heard the stories of people in boring relationships. Sex becomes dull and the relationship with your partner seems to fizzle out and become “routine.” Sometimes it is difficult to have........ Read More

Summer Of Love

Around the middle of June each year, a curious phenomenon starts to take place around Britain. As the sun fattens in the sky and the air temperature rises, the huddled masses of merry England start to........ Read More

The Food Lover’s Site I’ve Been Waiting For

As I grew, however, the repertoire of recipes that I enjoyed watching other home cooks and chefs prepare (and eat), also grew. With the advent of the internet, it was a gold mine of goulashes, a rese........ Read More

Weight Lifting Gloves

If weight lifting is your hobby and you want to lift heavier weights then it's essential to use weight lifting gloves. Necessary precautions should be taken in weightlifting. Without weight lifting ........ Read More

Healing Herpes With Self-love

When I was a boy we lived in the Ghettoes of Toronto, Canada. We had just immigrated from Trinidad and Tobago. My mother struggled to raise four of us on a waitress’ salary. There was chaos and self........ Read More

8 Golden Techniques To Get People To Love The Rules

Different things motivate different folks. Some people are motivated to enhance their appearance while others are motivated by prestige or sexual conquest. Others are motivated by money. When it comes........ Read More


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Dating Love Relationships Online Dating
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