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What Is Commitment In Relationships?

Copyright 2006 David Steele The question of when a relationship is committed is a source of much confusion and debate. We live in a time when the marriage rate is going down, the co-habitation rate i........ Read More

Three Steps To Attracting More Satisfying Relationships

As long as the Law of Attraction has only the 'DON'T want' script, it is restricted to orchestrating that script over and over. We must give the Law of Attraction some NEW MATERIAL to work with. Wha........ Read More

Old Earth Creationist Relationships

As old-earth creationists, what should our relationship be with the young-earth creationist? Can we get along together, in the same churches, without arguing? As you can imagine, a lot of the email ........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Jenna Jameson's Relationships

Jenna Jameson has a great interest in everything and everyone around her and is constantly looking for people with whom she can establish deep inner relationships. Her judgments are based on her perso........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Tony Blair's Relationships

His sense of reality is a bit weak; Blair tends to daydream and lose himself in his plans. He is likely to be preoccupied with fantasies or ideas that help him escape the ordinary. Always looking for ........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Julio Iglesias' Relationships

Julio Iglesias has a magnetic personality, is unconventional, and a bit unpredictable. He loves to flirt and is likely to have sudden romantic relationships that do not always last. He also likes vari........ Read More

Improving Doctor-patient Relationships

At its very best, medical technology does more than provide a clear diagnosis. It can help strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. However, technology is often seen as distancing patients from th........ Read More

Tips On How To Handle Abusive Relationships

A Relationship is a very valuable aspect in our life. It must be unique and something to be enjoyed by everyone. We all dream of having a very healthy relationship especially with our friends, family ........ Read More

Build A Strong Business With Strong Customer Relationships

Most businesses spent time attracting customers to a product or service, trying to win their trust and then ending the whole process with a sale. That tactic seems obvious to most people. What often i........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Cristiano Ronaldo's Relationships

Cristiano Ronaldo is uninhibited and spontaneous and will often do something unexpected or humorous in order to loosen people up and get them out of their rut. Cristiano Ronaldo craves emotional stim........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Cameron Diaz's Relationships

Cameron Díaz seeks security and loyalty in love relationships, is extremely devoted to her loved ones and provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere for them. However, Díaz tends to cling to others and p........ Read More

The Ins And Outs Of Matt Damon's Relationships

Matt Damon has a passionate nature and a strong expression of his sexuality. His creative energies also are strong and he may enjoy doing some creative work such as sculpturing, performing music or da........ Read More

Relationships: Conflict Resolution Without Words

In the last few decades, partners have spent countless hours trying to “work out problems.” Yet over and over again they often come up against a major roadblock: they just don’t see things the s........ Read More

Nursing Assistant Relationships With Other Staff

To be an effective Nursing Assistant, you must have excellent communication skills. You will be communicating throughout your daily activities with patients, their family and friends, and an array o........ Read More

Mother Daughter Relationships

mother daughter relationships are often complex and strained. That does not mean that they are not worth maintaining. Many of the quotes on mother and daughter relationships focus on the difficult........ Read More


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