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Secrets For Divorce, Widows And Singles Starting A New Life

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It took seventeen days before I could bury my husband. I decided I better think about what to do and to make a list of what needed to be done and the order it needed to be done. I decided to turn in and wait until morning to start again. I didn't think I would sleep after all I had been through. To my surprise, I slept late in the morning. Guess I was more exhausted than I thought. Forty years of marriage and now a widow. Scary thought. Here's the list: Mail, death certificates, and payment on bills; Change all documents with both names; Count number of death certificates needed (cars, banks, house, insurance, etc.) See about new housing, or repair the one I am in now; Job; Safety on all sides of me, house and car; And, Dating(?)."

Secrets Of The Shroud Of Turin

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The Shroud of Turin is the most famous and mysterious Christian relic in our history. Many experts have examined and tested the Shroud to determine if it is the Shroud that wrapped around Christ's body at his burial, or just a fake. To this day not a single one of the experts have proven that the Shroud is a fake, or that it is real. They provide only personal theories, and flawed carbon dating tests.The author Richard Jackson has discovered an ancient Bible Code that was used to create the Shroud. This code reveals that it is a fake version of the Shroud that was used to cover the crucified body of Christ at his burial, who created it, and why. The code reveals hidden biblical messages that are on the Shroud that relate to Christ and the events leading up to, and after the crucifixion. The author reveals everything to you in detail in this book.This book is a must-read for Shroud researchers, skeptics, and enthusiasts. If you like ancient mysteries you will love the information that is in this book.

Secrets Of A Godly Home

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This book is a blueprint on building a Godly home from dating to marriage. It is an exposition on maintaining a blissful relationship from scratch to finish Biblically.If you want to know the plans of God concerning your relationship, add this book to your collections


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Dating isn't easy, especially when you're a teen, and especially in today's world of social media. Parenting, behaviour, and relationship experts Laura Buddenberg, MS, and Alesia Montgomery follow up their successful pocket guide, Friend Me, with this great resource to help teens and the caring adults in their lives decipher the world of successful dating. Written in a clever "top 10 tips" format that teens and adults are sure to enjoy, the authors recount actual teen dating stories, and guide readers in the development of the skills necessary to thrive in relationships. Topics such as developing and maintaining relationships, danger signs, social media in dating, gifts, compliments, self-assurance, independence, finding happiness in and out of relationships - plus many more - will keep readers engaged. Skillfully placed opportunities to lament and learn from loss, plenty of breaks for laughter, and important life lessons will be presented along the way!

Secrets Worth Killing For

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Scandals, lies, political hatreds, a fiercely contested Presidency, and a Congress deadlocked by partisan conflict - Sounds familiar? It's 1797!

No one paid much attention when Bridget LeClair died - not, that is, until Thomas Jefferson was accused of killing her. Jefferson had secrets worth killing for, to be sure - his affair with his slave Sally Hemmings and his role (if the rumors were true) in Senator Blount's treasonous conspiracy. He wasn't the only one Bridget knew, however, who might have dangerous secrets to hide.

When Senator Jacob Martin became involved, albeit most reluctantly, in trying to find out who really killed her, it won him no friends, to say the least. He and the Senate Doorman James Mathers had to unearth the scandals of some of the country's richest and most powerful men. The political cost was as bad as Jacob had feared, but even worse was the damage to his budding relationship with Elizabeth Powel.

Secrets Worth Killing For takes you back to the crisis-ridden years of the late eighteenth century, when the survival of the United States was still in doubt - when powerful enemies surrounded the fragile young nation like birds of prey and bitter internal conflicts threatened to tear it apart.


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