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Secrets Of A Godly Home

RRP $16.99

This book is a blueprint on building a Godly home from dating to marriage. It is an exposition on maintaining a blissful relationship from scratch to finish Biblically.If you want to know the plans of God concerning your relationship, add this book to your collections

Secrets Of The Shroud Of Turin

RRP $15.99

The Shroud of Turin is the most famous and mysterious Christian relic in our history. Many experts have examined and tested the Shroud to determine if it is the Shroud that wrapped around Christ's body at his burial, or just a fake. To this day not a single one of the experts have proven that the Shroud is a fake, or that it is real. They provide only personal theories, and flawed carbon dating tests.The author Richard Jackson has discovered an ancient Bible Code that was used to create the Shroud. This code reveals that it is a fake version of the Shroud that was used to cover the crucified body of Christ at his burial, who created it, and why. The code reveals hidden biblical messages that are on the Shroud that relate to Christ and the events leading up to, and after the crucifixion. The author reveals everything to you in detail in this book.This book is a must-read for Shroud researchers, skeptics, and enthusiasts. If you like ancient mysteries you will love the information that is in this book.

Secrets For Divorce, Widows And Singles Starting A New Life

RRP $39.99

It took seventeen days before I could bury my husband. I decided I better think about what to do and to make a list of what needed to be done and the order it needed to be done. I decided to turn in and wait until morning to start again. I didn't think I would sleep after all I had been through. To my surprise, I slept late in the morning. Guess I was more exhausted than I thought. Forty years of marriage and now a widow. Scary thought. Here's the list: Mail, death certificates, and payment on bills; Change all documents with both names; Count number of death certificates needed (cars, banks, house, insurance, etc.) See about new housing, or repair the one I am in now; Job; Safety on all sides of me, house and car; And, Dating(?)."

Dating A Silver Fox

RRP $18.70

She's accepted that love and romance have passed her by.

Widowed and over sixty might not sound like the perfect life to some people, but Lydia fully intends to remain single. Book 4 of this humorous romantic comedy saga finds the dashing and sexy, Morrison Fox, trying to woo the reluctant and sassy, Lydia McCarthy. The results are as funny as they are surprising. He's determined to prove to her it really is never too late.

Lydia McCarthy doesn't want any man in her life, much less an incorrigible old flirt like Morrison Fox. Widowed since her forties, being single suits her just fine. She truly can't see any sane reason to risk her peaceful existence for someone who says he wants to make wine out of her one minute and then embarrasses her the next. Does it matter at her age that Morrie might be her last chance to find true love?

Secrets Of A Scandalous Heiress

RRP $13.99

One good proposition deserves another...

Heiress Augusta Meredith can't help herself-she stirs up gossip wherever she goes. A stranger to Bath society, she pretends to be a charming young widow, until sardonic, darkly handsome Joss Everett arrives from London and uncovers her charade.

Augusta persuades Joss to keep her secret in exchange for a secret of his own. Weaving their way through the treacherous pitfalls of a polite world only too eager to expose and condemn them, they begin to see that being true to themselves is not so long as they're true to each other...

About the Author

Historical romance author Theresa Romain pursued an impractical education that allowed her to read everything she could get her hands on. She then worked for universities and libraries, where she got to read even more. Eventually she started writing, too. She lives with her family in the Midwest.


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