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Unlocking Ford Secrets

RRP $583.99

"Unlocking Ford Secrets," written by retired Ford quality experts, will help suppliers successfully consolidate operations through the integration of all design, engineering and manufacturing functions for improved capabilities at lower costs. The book is an in-depth, technical textbook designed to provide a proven roadmap for automotive companies and suppliers to improve the quality and reliability of their products while effectively consolidating suppliers and manufacturing locations in order to create best-in-class products to increase profitability. The book contains hundreds of pages of exclusive content from Dr. W.E. Deming, Ford Alpha and other experts, and 71 detailed case studies.

Secrets For Divorce, Widows And Singles Starting A New Life

RRP $39.99

It took seventeen days before I could bury my husband. I decided I better think about what to do and to make a list of what needed to be done and the order it needed to be done. I decided to turn in and wait until morning to start again. I didn't think I would sleep after all I had been through. To my surprise, I slept late in the morning. Guess I was more exhausted than I thought. Forty years of marriage and now a widow. Scary thought. Here's the list: Mail, death certificates, and payment on bills; Change all documents with both names; Count number of death certificates needed (cars, banks, house, insurance, etc.) See about new housing, or repair the one I am in now; Job; Safety on all sides of me, house and car; And, Dating(?)."

Secrets Of A Godly Home

RRP $16.99

This book is a blueprint on building a Godly home from dating to marriage. It is an exposition on maintaining a blissful relationship from scratch to finish Biblically.If you want to know the plans of God concerning your relationship, add this book to your collections

A Divorced Man's Guide To Dating

RRP $15.99

A divorce is a long, often complicated process that takes a lot time to unfold. During that time, a man is left with a seemingly endless supply of time to reflect and contemplate life. This was certainly the case for me. I spent many a lonely, melancholy night thinking about the course that my life had taken up to that point. Fears can easily creep in in a situation like that and one of the biggest, most persistent fears was how I was going to ever find someone special again. It was weird really. At the time, my feelings were all a jumble. I still had feelings for my soon to be ex-wife, yet I had little hope that we would be able to fix things, and I was already thinking about moving on. We were still married and life was - complicated, to say the least. Yet, a man could hardly be faulted for wanting some female companionship at that point. Well, I didn't start dating at that point (we will talk more about that later) and I finished up my divorce in a nice, tidy, and yes, honorable way. That was important to me. However, I have certainly not been a monk since the day the divorce decree was final. I have dated, escorted and courted and I owe no one any explanations or apologies. Yes, my friend, you can too I am going to tell you what you need to know. I have always been a bit of a bookworm. I look for the answers to life in books and have always been happy to do so. However, when my divorce started, I came up empty. Of course, there are books on divorce, but none of them fit me just right. So, I started writing this series. The first volume, A Man's Guide To Surviving Divorce: How To Cope & Move On With Life (ISBN 978-1463777326 ), is all about how to get through the crisis that is a divorce. This book, on the other hand, is about how to put all that behind you and find the next Mrs. Right or even Ms. Right Now (I am not here to judge). I based this work on my own experiences with the ladies. Along the way, I have had many adventures, a lot of fun, and I have made some mistakes. I will talk about all of this in the pages that follow as this book teaches you what you need to know to start dating again.

Trader Of Secrets

RRP $19.99

“Steve Martini ranks among the top authors of legal thrillers.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“You like Law & Order? Or even a John Grisham novel? Well, Steve Martini is one of the best of the best when it comes to crime thrillers.”
Asbury Park Press

The reasons why Steve Martini is one of the most popular thriller writers around are abundantly clear in Trader of Secrets: an ingenious plot, great characters, gripping storytelling that combines the legal expertise of John Lescroart, Brad Meltzer, and Scott Turow with the heart-pounding political intrigue of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor. Superstar crime novelist Linda Fairstein says, “Take it from a prosecutor—Steve Martini has created one of the most charismatic defense attorneys in thriller fiction,” referring to Martini’s fearless yet very human series protagonist, defense attorney Paul Madriani. In Trader of Secrets the crusading lawyer is on the trail of dangerous criminals who are trying to steal state-of-the-art weapons technology…with nothing less than the future of America at stake.


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