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Online Dating At 74, A Chinese-american Woman's Story

RRP $29.95

15 Days of Online Dating, an Old Woman's Mystifying Experience. Seventy-four years old Maian has been bored with her life in general and she is lonely and depressed. She lived in Canada and then the US since she was 28; she is practically an American now. She does not watch Chinese TV and she is at odds with the other old Chinese women. The Caucasians and African Americans she meets usually assume that she speaks minimal English. They would only talk to her when it's necessary and with either patronizing or condescending manners. Last December, her elder daughter sent her money instead of a gift. Her younger daughter suggested that she use this extra money on an online dating site. She said, "Take it as a gamble. It will cost no more than a day at a casino. You may find an old man who likes to read and write, and who definitely will have plenty of time to read the stories you wrote. Who knows, maybe even a late-blooming romance." The site they agreed on was not a "free" one and not a local one. They thought that if someone had to pay to get on the site, they could not be too bad. Maian paid for a one-month subscription and she had a mystifying experience for 15 days of online dating. She writes this book which includes stories of her Chinese childhood and background.

Online Dating

RRP $16.99

Hilarity and absurdity---along with mordant wit---abound in Online Dating: a Memoir , Billy McCoy's controversial novel, which tells the story of delusional Peyton Cresap's devouring and doomed passion for online dating. Online Dating: a Memoir is also the story of a quintessentially alienated man colliding with a cheerful world which he cannot accept. A seductive meditation on Online Dating.

Online Dating

RRP $13.99

Online Dating: A Comprehensive 5-Step Guide is a book for the woman who has little or no experience with online dating or dating in general (maybe she's recently divorced and is preparing to jump back into the dating world), or for the woman who may have been dating for a while but is willing to learn a few tips to better enhance her dating experience. The author helps the reader with important steps: Pre-Profile: She goes over the importance of keeping an open mind and helps with evaluating whether or not we are prejudging and unknowingly hindering our dating progress. Profile: Tips for writing the best profile possible for better dating percentages and covers the importance of marketing our productourselves! Dating: Explains the different phases of dating and pointers on dating in general, including the "Interview" (first physical meet up after chatting, emailing and/or several phone calls), and First Date (a date after the Interview to find out if there is a connection for a future relationship). Love and Commitment: The author helps the reader go from casual dating to a committed relationship in a few easy steps. There are also sections on Kids & Dating, Sex, and Safety Issues, as well as easy to comprehend charts to fully understand the concepts learned. The time is now...learn how dating can be adventurous and fun!

Nonlinear Dynamics: Volume 2

RRP $711.99

This second volume of eight from the IMAC - XXXIIConference, brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Structural Dynamics, including papers on:

  • Linear Systems
  • Substructure Modelling
  • Adaptive Structures
  • Experimental Techniques
  • Analytical Methods
  • Damage Detection
  • Damping of Materials & Members
  • Modal Parameter Identification
  • Modal Testing Methods
  • System Identification
  • Active Control
  • Modal Parameter Estimation
  • Processing Modal Data

I'm Dating A Hoodrat I Can't Believe It

RRP $12.99

Meet Flip and TT It's the weekend. Same old shit, different day. Flip decides to pick up the phone and call TT. "I don't know why in the hell did I call her? All she does is talk shit, start fights, and she's ghetto as hell!," he thought while the phone was ringing. When TT answered, Flip asked her "What are your plans for the day?" TT said, "Not much. I need a ride to my cousin's house cuz she need me to bring some food over for her and her kids." Flip looks at the phone and he replies "What you say? Damn! Your cousin never keep no food in that house and her kids is always dirty, roaches all over the motherfuckin' house! Is she ever gon' to get herself together?" TT yells, "Look, don't be talking about my cousin! I don't play that shit! If you don't want to take me over to her house I'll catch the damn bus over there! Every time I ask your ass to do something for me you always talk your shit!"t. What follows is a series of events that change their lives forever.


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