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Online Dating

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Online Dating: A Comprehensive 5-Step Guide is a book for the woman who has little or no experience with online dating or dating in general (maybe she's recently divorced and is preparing to jump back into the dating world), or for the woman who may have been dating for a while but is willing to learn a few tips to better enhance her dating experience. The author helps the reader with important steps: Pre-Profile: She goes over the importance of keeping an open mind and helps with evaluating whether or not we are prejudging and unknowingly hindering our dating progress. Profile: Tips for writing the best profile possible for better dating percentages and covers the importance of marketing our productourselves! Dating: Explains the different phases of dating and pointers on dating in general, including the "Interview" (first physical meet up after chatting, emailing and/or several phone calls), and First Date (a date after the Interview to find out if there is a connection for a future relationship). Love and Commitment: The author helps the reader go from casual dating to a committed relationship in a few easy steps. There are also sections on Kids & Dating, Sex, and Safety Issues, as well as easy to comprehend charts to fully understand the concepts learned. The time is now...learn how dating can be adventurous and fun!

Cupid's Guide To Online Dating

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It's hard to believe that in a society with 1 in 4 relationships starting online, there are so few guidebooks to online dating.

You don't have to settle for being alone anymore when the answers to finding your soulmate are accurately, yet humorously covered in Cupid's Guide to Online Dating.

From setting up your profile to mastering the first date, if you've ever wondered what it takes to successfully find love online, Cupid's Guide to Online Dating is for you.

Online Dating As A Strategic Game

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Based on a study using online ethnography as the major research method, this book explains why and how men in Hong Kong use QQ-an online instant messenger-to "chase" women in mainland China, especially in the neighboring city of Shenzhen. Chasing women through QQ is a reciprocal exchange process during which the resources to be exchanged in the interaction are not negotiated. Rather, the men provide resources to the women, hoping for rewards in return that are not guaranteed. This characteristic of the exchange makes men who chase women through QQ very strategic in their action. They try to maximize the rewards and minimize the costs by adopting myriad strategies, such as constructing an attractive online identity by strategic self-presentation. The role of emotions in the exchange process is also examined. Men learn the emotional norms through the online forum, but sometimes it is difficult for them to control their emotions; some men fall in love when they are not supposed to. As it happens, they have failed to calculate the costs and rewards rationally in that they may provide too many resources to the women without getting enough rewards in return.

This book provides original insights into the thought processes, motivations, desires, anxieties and risks of Hong Kong men seeking short-term sexual relations with women on the mainland. These insights are highly relevant to our understanding of the quickly evolving use of social media, a phenomenon of worldwide importance and deep implications.

Boost Your Income Working Online At Home

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When Stephanie Law became a Mother for the first time, she decided to leave her job of ten years in the city behind her. Her quest to make money online took her on a journey through legitimate work and scams, but she has filtered through them and now wants to share them with you. Here in this book Stephanie provides 13 easy ways to make money online today from the comfort of your own home. Some of work she has found includes reviewing music tracks and answering questions online.

Online Dating The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

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